ETAP 19.0

Design custom power systems, simulate their function and optimize them

Create power systems, then simulate their daily operations in a virtual environment. Study the system by performing short-circuit analysis, harmonic analysis, load flow analysis, transient stability analysis, motor acceleration analysis and other types of calculations.

ETAP is a utility that will help electrical engineers in the processes of designing, simulating, operating and optimizing power systems. The program is made up of several modules that users can choose from at purchase.

ETAP offers a large array of tools for power system design. The designed project can be studied by performing load flow analysis, short-circuit analysis, motor acceleration analysis, harmonic analysis, transient stability analysis and others. Control system diagrams can be created, cable pulling force can be predicted and graphical underground raceway systems are provided, among others. Users can create and edit one-line diagrams, 3D cable systems, plots, 3D ground grid systems and the list can go on. The program is meant to combine electrical, mechanical, logical and physical attributes that describe system elements. Mastering the utility does not require special computer skills.

ETAP is a complex utility that can support engineers in monitoring power, managing energy, optimizing a system or automating certain processes.

Margie Smeer
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  • Power systems can be designed, edited and analyzed
  • Large number of analysis types that can be performed on a system
  • Users can purchase modules selectively, according to their needs


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