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  • Project Window
  • Main Window
  • About window
  • Tool menu
  • Cable pulling system
  • Ground grid system
  • Control system diagram
  • Main window
  • ETAP

Publisher's description

The ETAP Enterprise Suite offers a powerful portfolio of best-in-class power system design, analysis, and operation
applications. ETAP modules may be deployed individually or as a flexible, integrated enterprise solution. The modular
architecture of ETAP software provides scalability, enabling you to start small and later grow in harmony with your
specific business needs to create substantial return on investment while reducing risk.
ETAP Smart Grid offers comprehensive applications enabling electrical utilities to plan, coordinate, and safely operate their grid. This real-time system has the ability to manage, control, visualize, optimize, and automate power transmission and distribution networks.

ETAP Real-Time is a fully-integrated suite of software applications that provides intelligent power monitoring, energy management, system optimization, advanced automation, and real-time prediction.

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    Ankush Bhardwaj Last year

    Hi, does ETAP comply with Indian standard also?

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    Guest Last year

    I want to install the Etap but I don't know what code i have to enter to continue the installation.

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    Ash 3 years ago

    ETAP is one of the best software for power system analysis. It is very easy to use and powerful. I would recommend it highly for the Industrial and IT specialists.

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